Settings: MakerOS Subscriptions

Clicking "Settings" from the left-hand navigation menu will bring you to the Admin Settings page. From here, you can configure a number of elements of your OS.

In this section we are going to focus on MakerOS subscriptions. You may have already purchased seats for your admins and employees during the first run experience, but we'll run you through that again. We will also show you how to add/remove seats, update your credit card, and review administrator settings.

On the left side is the complete list of all admins and employees within your business. You are able to view how many seats (out of the total) are still available. Users with assigned seats have an "x" button to the right of their name. Users who are not assigned a seat have a blue "+' button. 

In order to increase or decrease the number of seats, you need to type the total number of seats you would like in the "Update Subscription" section. Notice the "Billed Now" and "Billed Monthly" values change. Once you are satisfied with the new number of seats, click the blue button to update your subscription. The credit card on file will be billed accordingly.

If you reduce the number of seats, your monthly payment will decrease on the next billing cycle. No refunds are given for unwanted seats after the billing cycle has begun, so we recommend removing seats closer to the end of the cycle.

To change the credit card on file, click the gray "Update Subscription Card" button.


If you would like to remove a seat click on the light blue "x" button to the right of the user's name. It will turn from light blue to orange. A final red warning modal will pop-up asking if you are sure. Users that are removed are locked out of the system for 3 hours. Click confirm if you are sure you want to remove that user.

You are then able to assign a new user to that seat.

The final section is "Administrator Settings". These options give you the ability to allow employees to choose their own seats (if any are available). If not, there is the option to allow employees to purchase additional seats using the credit card on file. You can also set a seat limit on the total number.

If you have any issues or need help you can click the light blue "Need Help?" button at the top of the screen, or email us directly at


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