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Where is MakerOS based?

Our home office located in the heart of the City of Makers: Detroit, Michigan. We also have an office in Brooklyn, New York. Basically wherever you can find craft beer and bushy beards, we're there.

Who made MakerOS?

MakerOS is a product of Manulith, LLC, a 3D printing service provider located in Detroit, Michigan.

Who founded the company?

Mike Moceri is the founder and CEO of Manulith. Mike studied entrepreneurship and interactive media at DePaul University from 2010-2013. He entered the 3D printing industry during his sophomore year in 2011 when he built his first machine and interned with MakerBot. Mike became an influential member of the DIY 3D printing community online and in Chicago with many of his projects such as establishing a standardized process from 3D scanning to printing and being featured in world renowned exhibitions including the Inside 3D Printing Conference in Chicago and New York. He later co-founded the world's first 3D printing retail and service bureau hybrid in April 2013 in downtown Chicago (3DPX). In early 2014, he moved back to Detroit to start Manulith and MakerOS. Within one year, he grew Manulith into being the premier 3D printing service provider in Detroit with MakerOS as its backbone. Mike's mission is now to implement MakerOS to become the standard system in which maker businesses operate so that they may benefit the same as Manulith has. He has been featured in national and international publications such as MSN, Make Magazine, Central Chinese Television Network, and the Encyclopedia Britannica.

For more information, check out michaelmoceri.com

Why MakerOS?

We want to make manufacturing and the making of things more accessible. By providing MakerOS to other service providers, more businesses and individuals will have the opportunity to innovate and grow.

What does the name mean?

Maker: a person or entity that produces something. We are makers at heart, and MakerOS was made for people who, like us, want making to be an integral part of their personal and professional life.

OS: Operating System. The platform is designed to be modular, enabling multiple “applications” to be enabled or disabled so that your OS can be built out suit your particular needs with little to no knowledge of how to code. OS also refers to "business operating systems", which you can learn more about here.

How do I get in touch with MakerOS?

That depends on what you want to talk about!

If you have a request or issue, or if you don't know precisely what you need but you know it's vaguely "HELP ME!"-related, emailing support@makeros.com is the best route. This is also the place to go for anything related to MakerOS press or community.

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