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Clicking "Settings" from the left-hand navigation menu will bring you to the Admin Settings page. From here, you can configure a number of elements of your OS.

In this section, we're going to focus on Payouts History and Setup. You may have already set up your payout account during the first run experience, but in case you didn't we'll run through it again.

Setting up your payout information enables you to collect payment from customers, as well as see high-level data on the payments you've received.

When setting up payouts, you'll need the verify your citizenship. This should be the same information tied to the bank account you'll be using. Keep in mind that you will be able to edit the bank account later if needed, but not this identification information. If you do need to edit this information, please email us at

We now accept bank accounts in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark. If your country is not supported, please contact us. Please keep in mind that we are continuously adding new countries to the list.

Below that is where you enter your banking information, and the option to set what will show up on your customers' credit card or bank statements. If you're an individual and don't have a company name, we recommend putting a description of what you do such as "JOHN DOE 3D DESIGNER".

Once you've read through and agreed to the terms and conditions, click "Save".

You should see that "Account Status" says "Pending" at first, but it should turn to "Verified" within a matter of minutes. You may, however, see a field asking you for some more information if our payment processing system, Stripe, has trouble verifying your identity.

Once the information is filled out and you've agreed to the terms, click "Update" and your account should be verified shortly. You can click on "Update Account" to change your address and statement message. If you find you need to update or remove your bank info, or if you have any questions about this process, please email us at

From here on out when you go to the Payouts History and Setup page, you'll get a view like above. The top bar shows you the amount paid out to your bank account in the most recent transfer, the amount you'll be paid in the next transfer, and the total amount you've been paid out from MakerOS to date.

All of this information will already have the transaction fees deducted, but will include your state tax, as you will need to pay that independently. By default, the fee for using MakerOS is 10% plus $0.75 per transaction off the top. So, for example, if your customer is charged $100 on an invoice, you would receive $89.25 minus state tax, and $10.75 would be taken for fees. If you're interested in a reduced transaction fee, contact, and to learn more about where the fee goes, click here.

Payouts occur approximately two (2) business days after a transaction, but can be subject to delays due to bank holidays or any other temporary hold on bank activity.

To make it simple, any transaction done on Monday during bank hours will usually be transferred to your bank account on Wednesday. Any transaction done on Tuesday will be transferred to your bank account on Thursday, and so forth. If a transaction is done after bank hours on Monday, it'll be lumped in with any transactions done during bank hours on Tuesday, and as such should be transferred to your bank account on Thursday.

Under payout history you will see a list of all previous transfers, each with an indicator of whether they've been paid out yet or not, the date of the payout, and the amount deposited to your account.

If you need to issue a refund please email with any relevant information, including the reason for the refund, the amount to be refunded, and the unique Transaction ID (which you can access from the payment section of your OS). Depending on whether the money has cleared from the customer, or has been transferred from MakerOS to you, there will be different things we can do to help and refunds may take different lengths of time. In most cases all credit card processing fees through Stripe will be refunded, though the service fee MakerOS takes is non-refundable.

Once you're complete, click "Settings" from the left-hand navigation menu to return to the full list of settings.

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