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Clicking "Settings" from the left-hand navigation menu will bring you to the Admin Settings page. From here, you can configure a number of elements of your OS.

In this section, we're going to focus on Invoice Settings. These settings are necessary to be able to generate and publish invoices for your customers.

Because it's required, you'll have already gone through much of this process during the first run experience, but in case you didn't fill it all out or you need a refresher on what certain fields are used for, we'll run through it again.

A few fields on this page are required, and those are marked with an asterisk (*). This information is used to populate invoices generated by you or your customers.

The "Tax Rate" field will vary depending on where your business is operating from and what kinds of goods or services you offer. Even if your goods or services are tax-exempt, we recommend entering your state's tax rate. You'll be able to toggle whether or not that tax is applied when you generate an Invoice, but for convenience's sake it's easier to have that in the system. In New York, for instance, the tax rate is 8.875%.

The "Base Markup Rate" field is used with the Product Manager, making it so that when you input a cost per unit for a given product your base markup percentage will automatically be applied for the retail price.

If you use the same address for shipping as billing, you don't need to fill out a separate shipping address, just check the "Use Same Address For Shipping" box.

If you have any questions, drop us a line at and we'll be happy to help! Otherwise, once you're complete, click "Update" to make sure that everything is stored, and then click "Inventory" from the left-hand navigation menu to go to the Product Manager.

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