First Run Experience

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Before you can start taking on projects with your new OS you'll need to do a bit of setup. You can skip parts of it and come back later, but the first page is required.

On the page above, you'll re-confirm the primary contact email address as well as enter your legal business name, contact email, and a one-sentence business description. The legal business name and one-sentence business description will be used in the Client-Provider Service Agreement (which is under "Exhibit A" on the Terms page. Entering your full business name, complete with "LLC", "INC", etc. is important, as it'll be filled into the document protecting both your customers and yourselves. For the one sentence business description, make sure to word it as if you were finishing the sentence, "My company is..."

Next, you'll configure your Integrations.

Here you can integrate Slack, Hipchat, and set up the project creation widget to work with your website. For the "Homepage URL", make sure you put the top-level URL (for example, even if you intend to put the widget on a specific page within your website such as "".

After you save, when you return you'll see the block of code which you can add to your website. Sorry to let you down, but "" is not a real website. If it were, however, I could now take the string of code under "Project Widget" and paste it where I like on my own site. This would create a button which, when clicked, would bring up an easy way for my customers to create their own projects.

To set up the Slack and Hipchat integrations, you'll need special codes from the respective services. For Slack, that's the webhook, which you can find here.

Create a channel which you'd like your MakerOS feed to go into, then select that channel from the drop-down menu on the Slack Incoming Webhooks page and click "Add Incoming Webhooks Integration". This will provide you with a Webhook URL which you can copy and paste in your OS.

Getting the Hipchat API key is a little more involved. If you're not the admin of your business' Hipchat account, I'd recommend asking them for help. Otherwise, check out the Hipchat API documentation here.

This settings page can also be skipped by clicking "Save & Continue", and you can return to it later by going to "Integrations" under "Settings" from the left-hand navigation menu.

The next page will deal with your billing and shipping address.

A few fields on this page are required, and those are marked with an asterisk (*). This information is used to populate invoices generated by you or your customers.

The "Tax Rate" field will vary depending on where your business is operating from and what kinds of goods or services you offer. Even if your goods or services are tax-exempt, we recommend entering your state's tax rate. You'll be able to toggle whether or not that tax is applied when you generate an Invoice, but for convenience's sake it's easier to have that in the system. In New York, for instance, the tax rate is 8.875%.

The "Base Markup Rate" field is used with the Product Manager, making it so that when you input a cost per unit for a given product your base markup percentage will automatically be applied for the retail price.

If you use the same address for shipping as billing, you don't need to fill out a separate shipping address, just check the "Use Same Address For Shipping" box.

When you're ready, click "Save & Continue" to go to the final page of the first-run process: setting up your Payout Account.

In order to get paid, we need to know where to send the money, and this page will give us the information we need to do so. Please note, first, that your personal identity cannot be changed once verified, and second, that at this time we can only work with bank accounts based in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Australia.

Once you're complete, click "Save" to be taken to the "Payouts History and Setup" page, normally found within "Settings".

You should see that "Account Status" says "Pending" at first, but it should turn to "Verified" within a matter of minutes. You may, however, see a field asking you for some more information if our payment processing system, Stripe, has trouble verifying your identity.

Once the information is filled out and you've agreed to the terms, click "Update" and your account should be verified shortly.

You can click on "Update Account" to change your address and statement message. If you find you need to update or remove your bank info, or if you have any questions about this process, please email us at

Next, click on "Settings" from the left-hand navigation menu to return to the full list of settings.

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