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Clicking "Settings" from the left-hand navigation menu will bring you to the Admin Settings page. From here, you can configure a number of elements of your OS.

In this section, we're going to focus on General Settings. General Settings has three major parts, the first of which are the Theme Settings.

Here you can set your logo image, favicon (the small 1 x 1 representation of your company), and the color scheme for your OS. To start, click "Choose a File" next to "Logo Image".

This upload modal will show up anytime a customer, employee, or admin is prompted to upload a file. As you can see, it allows you to upload files from a variety of sources besides your local computer by clicking any of the options along the left side. Any third party services linked to your MakerOS account will be saved, so make sure that you unlink any services you don't wish to share if multiple people are going to be using your account or if you're accessing your OS from a public computer.

The default image upload option allows for a number of basic image file types, including those with transparent elements such as PNG. Once you've uploaded or selected your image, you can crop it for display.

You can select multiple aspect ratios for your logo to be cropped into, however we recommend that your logo be in 2:1 aspect ratio, no smaller than 100 x 50. You may find it easier to simply design your logo to be the aspect ratio you want so that you don't risk clipping off a piece of the logo when you crop it. Also, keep in mind when designing your logo that in most situations it'll be on a white background, so light-colored letters with nothing behind them aren't going to show up very well.

Click "Done" when you're ready and you'll see your logo at the top-left corner. Now do the same for your favicon, and you'll see that appear next to the page title on your browser's window or tab.

Under Theme Settings you can also set the color scheme. My branding has blue elements, so I'm going to change from the default color scheme to the "True Blue" color scheme and hit "Save" at the bottom so that I can see what it'll all look like together for myself or anyone accessing my OS.

There are a few color schemes which MakerOS provides, but if none of these even come close to your branding reach out to us at and we'll see what we can do to accommodate you.

Next up is contact information. From here you can set or change your primary contact email address and homepage URL.

Keep in mind that changing the primary contact email address will not change the email address which you use to log into your OS. This is, however the email which will by default receive any notifications from your OS. 

Below Contact Information is where you can set or change your Business Information.

Both this and the Contact Information section will be at least partially filled out from when you set up your OS, but as a reminder, the full legal business name and one-sentence business description are used for the Client-Provider Service Agreement which we provide you with.

Entering your full business name, complete with "LLC", "INC", etc. is important, as it'll be filled into the document protecting both your customers and yourselves. For the one sentence business description, make sure to word it as if you were finishing the sentence, "My company is..."

You can also view your VoIP phone number here, or click "Phone" from the left-hand navigation menu to set up the VoIP Phone integration.

If you have any questions, drop us a line at and we'll be happy to help! Otherwise, once you're complete, click "Save" to make sure that everything is stored, then click on "Settings" from the left-hand navigation menu to return to the full list of settings.

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