The Users section is where you can access and edit all of the customers, employees, vendors, and admins who are a part of your OS.

From this page, you can sort and search your users according to their name, email, company, or groups (permissions), as well as toggle viewing disabled users with the  button. Beside that, you can export your users as a .csv file - this will export all of the users of your OS, regardless of your current search entry. The last button there on the top-right corner is "New User", which we'll click to do just that.

Through this page you can create a user account for a customer, vendor, or member of your team. This will only require a full name and email address to get set up, though you can also choose to send the user a welcome email (recommended, since otherwise they won't know how to get into their own account), set the subject for that welcome email, and BCC yourself on the welcome email.

Below that are the "Roles" options. Leaving these blank will, by default, give the user the Customer permissions. Under that will be a list of all projects you've created, so that you can add this user to those projects when creating the account. Once the information has been entered, hit "Save" to create the account.

Users can also create their own accounts on your OS by going to:

https://[YOUR OS]

Now that a new user has been created, they can log in using the information emailed to them. Only admins will be added to all new projects automatically, so to add a user to a project they didn't create, an admin will need to go in and do so manually by clicking on the user's name.

Admins can also login as users, in case there's an issue with an account which needs to be worked out , send a user their password in case they forget it, disable, or delete a user. We recommend disabling users over deleting them, unless the user account was made in error, so that if you do work with the user again in the future you can just re-enable their account and not have to enter their information in anew.

That's all you need to know about the Users section! If you have any questions, drop us a line at and we'll be happy to help!

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